Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Toko Betawi, the shop right across our old shop. My parents spent half of their life trying to beat their business or if it is not vice versa. The tension went high one day as the lady across got mad and started yelling dirty words at my mom. It's not easy to live in a small neighborhood where you have to see their face again the next day you open your business.

Here's my dad's old Shop, we claimed as the most crowdy shop in town, Toko Tepat. It's just a memory now as my dad has moved out to the city center near my Granpa's shop.

The same sight, it was Chinese lunar year so naturally all the shop were closed. The childhood days were just so clear in my head. I played in this neighborhood along the blocks of houses in the mess of the market and the crowds of people shopping.

idem ditto

Jalan Mohammad Hambal, near the house of my Eldest Aunt.

Pasar Ikan Pemangkat, it is very dirty here the fish market. I also spent quite a lot of time here, I can still remember the smell. My friend Mardi lives nearby, Toko duaenam. I also ate a lot a the Chinese restaurant next to his Kopitiam.

This is probably the reminiscent Toko Dua Enam, I don't know who lives here now.

Somewhere in the street again, I don't know which way ;)

Pasar Ayam Pemangkat, again this is just right across the fish market, the chicken market, I hope the birds flu doesn't travel here.

Oh no, this is supposed to be Toko dua enam, the Kopitiam.

Perempatan Jalan. At the crossroad again. Near the Old Cinema.

Where is this? Oh my. My memory keeps betraying me.

And this?

The Old Cinema, which is now bought by one of the rich in town and turned it into a warehouse.
I remember watching a lot of Kungfu movies here with my eldest aunt who loves to take us kid to the movie.

Near the Old Cinema, saw moslem couple taking an afternoon walk.

At the temple, SinMuNyong. I guess it should be rendered as 聖母娘 wich is the Matsu God from Taiwan. The guy is the caretaker he beats the drum everytime someone makes an offering at the temple.

Sekolahnya si Alex, YPN. I took it for his memory. He said it's full of crooks and call girls, what a shame for such a small place like Pemangkat.

A lady who offers to take a picture with Sayaka, we were pleased :)

The offering to God Matsu.

The drummer boy. No the Matsu drummer boy ne.

At the stairs of SinMuNyong Temple, Sayaka was taking a snap.

Well the stais again.

and again.

and again.

oh..no not again. This is the forest nearby.