Saturday, May 21, 2005


Hanafuda Flash
Hanafuda Nintendo

After the small birthday party we continued by having a hanafuda game with Ken and Chiemi. Sayaka and I were trying hard to understand the game. This game is really Japanese. The cultural tough is just too thickly inherited in the game. You have to remember season and flowers and when it rains :)

I am going to share a bit of my hanafuda knowledge now. No bluffing. Here we go.
The three red cards is called 赤たん and the three purple card is called 青たん

This is callee 犬鹿蝶 which is made of a swine, a deer and a butterfly.

This one is called . Be careful, it washed away your points.

And this one is called ケン and 千恵美 :)


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

誕生日おめでとう・Happy Birthday Ax.


Birthday Fried Rice - Courtesy 三本木

This is the right zoom

Pork Rib and of course 大好きのTABASCO




Monday, May 09, 2005

St. Michael Beach? (No, It's shin-maiko beach)


That day we woke up real early caused we've been draining from 寝不足 lately. We decided to go to Shinmaiko because it's nearer. We took the 地下鉄 from 新瑞橋 to 金山 then we transferred to 名鉄線 which is going to 中部国際空港. Then we got off at 新舞子駅. The beach is just about 10 minutes walk form the , There we saw 新舞子橋 beautifully connecting both banks which looks like a gulf to me. We took some pictures on the bridge and walked down to the cafeteria and had our おにぎり for lunch and Hagen Daaz for dessert. We laid down on the grass field and basked under the sun for about 30 minutes as we fall asleep from our weariness.

When we woke up we walked down barefooted discovering the touch and sensation of the sand and peebles between our toes. I made a love sandcastle with a mark of 早香 on top of it.

And here is a closer look to the sandcastle ;)

We asked a stranger to take our picture for memory. 写真を撮ってもらえませんか。

Another stranger were victimized again to take our picture in front of the wind power generator.

Oh, I took this one. さやか looks great on this.

I took this one too, this is 白詰草 and that little ladybug is called 天道虫.
Well here goes my Japanese lesson again.

This three leaves plants is called 三つ葉, Japanese believes that if you happened to see a 四つ葉, that will be your lucky day. I didn't see 四つ葉、only 六つ葉(3+3).

And this plant is called 蒲公英, there is a famous Japanese movie titled this flower. It pictures the life of commmon Japanese, the story was about a Japanese girl left by her hubby with a kid, met a John Wayne like truck driver and had a crush on eachother. The woman owned a small らーめん shop and they struggle to make her shop famous and train her to be a good cook.

Oh this is justa the nameplate for 新舞子 bridge.

And of course the solo picture of this wind power generator.


Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ran-no-Kan/Orchid's House in Nagoya

Ran no Kan is an orchid's exhibition opened in Nagoya featuring a lot of species from Central America, Singapore, and other countries. You would be amazed by the beauty of God's work in these flowers. Their beauties and their unique features enshrined in colorful gifts of our mother nature. Aside from floral exibition you can also sooth your culinary palate with curry flavors and drinks galore at the bar. There is also pottery and inexpensive flower sprout for sale.

We enjoy walking barefoot on the grass and the pebbles path. Here is a picture of Sayaka stretching leg on a green grass spot beside the petit lake.

At one o 'clock they are also preparing various Asian dances and performance on a makeshift stage right in the middle of the garden.
There we about a hundred seats laid in the row. We sat for a while but later prefer tbe basking under heat of springtime sun.

As you can see below is the picture of a Thai dancer. She also recount about her origin in Sumatera and how their family escaped the recent Tsunami.

Another show of Thai dance emphasizing on the movement of the fingers. Big smiles never escape their faces.

The third show is fan dance. I don't know why I can appreciate it now while I couldn't when I was kid.

Sayaka at the end of the tunnel. This is a kind of tree from Indonesia that wrapped the host tree and render it dead, therefore dubbed as the "strangler".

I enjoyed this show the most. The original Japanese Taiko with a lot of improv made by these junior hischool girls. I forgot the name of their group. Shall provide detail later.

And the last show was the play of Goto, a string intrument from Japan. I was moved when they played "Subaru", the only song that I can connect and feel its melody and rythme thru the blast and trill of the stringed goto.


Peater Pan (Bread smells like heaven)

No no spelling mistake. It's spelled as P-e-a-t-e-r P-a-n. Given the fact that there's a lot of spelling mistakes of commercial billboards in Japan you may not even give it a benefit of the doubt. But hell, perhaps it's a mistake or perhaps the owner want it to mean it's a softer bread. Peat - Peater as in peat land. But whaever it is. I love the the bread there.

This is the photo of the billboard I took near Chiba prefecture. Shin-Funabashi area, Kaijin-machi to be exact.

And this is the beautiful wooden house which hosts the Peater Pan as we know it. They have a nice garden just outside the door.
Where you can enjoy the swinging bulanko and wooden seatee made from block of real tree log. Enjoy la brise de printemps over a cup of coffee which is served endlessly for free. This is called Nomihodai in Japan, what's more it's Tada (Free).

Sayaka enjoying her bread. Mmmh yummy.

This is me with messy hair and my turtleneck, the wind is still a bit cold for me.

We bought a lot of bread from Peater Pan. The sign says "See you tomorrow" and indeed we came back to the shop three days in a row. I especially enjoy their cinnamon pan, the cheese pan, and the cold served cheese cake and of course the free coffee.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

さやかの陶芸カップ・Sayaka's ceramic cup

It was a almost two months past since we went to 岐阜県ー郡上八万. We went to 日本昭和村
and enjoyed the opportunity to express our creativity in making ceramic artworks.
Here is our masterpiece, a cup in the name of 早香.

Front View - 早

Top View - Only 日 and 十 is visible.

Side View - 香

Side View - 早

Side View - Like こども.

Front View - Carved Kanji 天長地久


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

僕の大好きな三本木/My favorite Sambongi

I found 三本木i when I first moved to Mizuho-ku. It's near the intersection of Mizuho undo jyou nishi eki exit number 3. Just go right along the direction to Mizuho undo jyou and on the first junction, make a right and you wouldn't miss it.
When I first stepped my foot into 三本木 and was greeted with the proverbial irrashaimase, I was seated at the bar. Since my Japanese was of no great help at that time, I only ordered things I had tasted before. So out of my memory, it popped out 御茶付け and おにぎり, both has rice in it, which is a strange 注文 for them. "Nobody ordered two rice for dinner in Japan, you are weird" as I was confirmed in the later days.

三本木 has a nice name for an Izakaya, that's how I got charmed and walked in the first place. The owner are 森淳 and 森千恵美. The name is taken from their 名字 which is made of three little trees, hence 三本木. I always joked that it's 六本木の半分.

The reason I always coming back to 三本木 is because the owner and the guests there are very hospitable. I had a lot of chatters and laughters with most of them. I have been introduced to many nice people and I get to practise real Japanese with them. I learned most of my real life Japanese words and expression from going to 三本木 and not to a Japanese course as I was advise to take on.

I get the change to take a pic of 三本木's 手羽先
and other pics I took around.

ax humming a 手羽先


Other Customer

Mori and wife


TEL/FAX : 052(853)6491

How to contact Sambongi:
Nagoya-shi, Mizuho-ku, Naihou-chou 1 choume 2-1
TEL/FAX : 052(853)6491


Monday, May 02, 2005