Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Short guide to get your music to your iphone from the web

- Iphone 4s
- IOS6.12
- Evasion jailbreak 1.5
- Bridge
- Protube

- Update your Iphone IOS to 6.1.2.
- Jailbreak with Evasion 1.5
- Download and install both Protube and Bridge from Cydia.
- Browse music file using Protube, tap download button and choose download to M4A format.
- Upon completion, go to saved folder in Protube, tap arrow > on the downloaded file and select Import to library.
- Protube will launch bridge to allow you to input Song details like song title, artist, album name and so on.
- Tap done and you can play the song from your iphone music app now.

Ax | 2013/03