Sunday, March 12, 2006


Gereja Santo Yosep, Pemangkat
Saint Joseph Church, Pemangkat: I was christened here and spent most of my childhood and teenage years here on sundays, easters and christmases. When I was kid the Father who served here was Fr. Malachias De Jong. When he saw me coming to church for mass, he always hailed me from the window, Kobui...Kobui... which was my name in Hakka.

idem ditto 同上

idem ditto 同上

Sayaka took a pic in front of St. Joseph Church as memoir.

Taman Kanak Kanak Amkur
First time to school here, the Nurturing school, where I had my daily portion of oatmeals and was taught how to count 1.2. 3.

idem ditto 同上

Jalan Sejahtera, tetangga-tetanggaku.
My old hood, spent my childhood here playing with the kids in this neighborhood.

Gunung Gajah.
Mount Gajah, which translates to Elephant in english. It's right behind my old house.

It's my old house, my dad sold it away and now somebody else lives here.

Somewhere in the street of Pemangkat.

Terminal bus Pemangkat the only bus station in town, it takes you to many destinations and I end up in Nagoya now.

Terminal bus Pemangkat, the waiting hall.

Terminal bus Pemangkat.

Jalan Mohammad Hambal, the mainstreet of Pemangkat. Most of the riches lives in this block. Look at those satelite antenna.

Tugu Pemangkat, at the Intersection of Jalan Industri and Jalan Mohammad Hambal.
At the back on the corner is the shop of my Grampa. Toko Pulau Mas. Both my aunts are still attending the shop.