Sunday, July 24, 2005

From last weekend to this weekend

Last weekend was さやか's turn to come to 名古屋, we went to visit Museum of Ceramics Art in the station next to where 愛知万博 is held. We got a ticket to do our mould in the workshop, so we started thinking of what we are going to make. I made a little statue of 早香, a 家紋, and a big spoon. When we finished we had a bowl of そば in the the museum restaurant.

This is 早香の家紋.

This is the little statue of 早 embracing 香。

On our way home we stopped at 藤が丘駅 where we listened to 卒業 on our way to the ceramics, but now the mood changed to Rock n Roll. A young Elvis was on the stage with a guitar, another guy playing guitar at his left and at his right, the big bass.
It was cool though I didn't get a word from what he sang. Only Blue suede shoes seems familiar perhaps. And there were these young school girls dancing right under the stage releasing their stressful day having to go to school and do extracurriculer on Sunday. And there were grop of cowgirls also joined the dance. I couldn't help myself and asked for さやか to join the crowd with me. I was too excited with the rock n roll not realizing that I am 親父 already and my knee hurted the day after.

Me in rock n roll euphoria

the hoechtschultz girls

The cowgirls.

The next morning, we went to 瑞穂運動場 swimming pool. People were lining up due to hot summmer wave. The temporary closing of their outdoor pool might contribute the reason as well. We stayed waited for 30 minutes, and female were allowed in first. I had a cold milk from the vending machine and wait while talking to a Japanese guy who claimed to be graduated from USC and working in a bank somewhere in Nagoya. Well hope he can help me with my credit card. As a foreigner, I don't seem to have any credibility here. We chatted until they call my number and let me in. I don't really know how to swim, so I just played in water while さやか enjoy her sport. She was very happy to be able to enjoy sport again. When we get out of the pool, we walked back to our place, have a nap, and went out again for dinner at 三本木。We played Japanese squabble at 三本木、which was ripe time for me to learn new rude words from 千恵美さん, trust me, you don't want to use this words in public. 乳でかい、乳偉い、乳尊敬 was all of them. From さやか I learn about こてんぽんをされます。

This weekend was my turn to go to 船橋、I went out with さやか and her friend ミミ to ちひろ museum, ちひろ is a famous children book painter in Japan. Her artwork touches many hearts and there reason why she is so famous. We toured the two storey museum at the price of 円800 and watch a documentary of her work from a DVD display on second floor while I fell asleep for the umpteenth times. We had a great earthquake while having our snack in the patio. Soon we left the museum and found the 駅 was all jampacked and we cannot go anywhere as JR investigated the impact of the quake. We killed time around the デパト and finally found out that we can take a train. We stopped in Shinjuku, and have a dinner at La Pausa. Johan joined us at around 8:50, we were supposed to meet earlier, but he had to come home for his cat due to the quake. A man and his cat, he is really caring ne. We had a talk and drink there at la pausa until it was late enough to go home. We bid good bye and parted our ways. The next day we planned to go to お風呂 together, Johan brought his wife りえこ and we gathered at 北千住駅, I was late for almost one hour and couldn't stopped apologizing. We walked for about 5 minutes from the station until we saw an old woodened お風呂 named 大黒屋。We got in the 風呂 and enjoyed our bath and massage. When we finished, Johan and I drinked a milk like Japanese 親父。When we got out we were seated at the living room where we enjoyed the beauty of Japanese garden and a can of kirin beer. When it was about time. We walked our way home and parted halfway as Johan and his wife took another way home.

no picture this weekend, 忘れた。

Monday, July 18, 2005

Weekend in Asakusa

Asakusa Kannon Temple

While staying in 船橋 at さやか place last week, we decided to take participate in 鬼灯祭 in 浅草, she had prepared herself well that day. She even took the trouble to put on the 浴衣 she bought a week before in 金山。We took the train from 東海神 and made a transfer in 日本橋駅 and stopped at 浅草駅。We tour the foreigners flocked Asakusa street market and made our way to the Sensoji temple. We saw stalls vendors shouting out hoozukki in cannon to get them sold so they can get home earlier.

This is the photo of さやか taken at home. She make that cute face with the たこ焼きちゃん doll I bought her from 大阪。

This is さやか in her 浴衣 with her generous 満面の笑み。 I like this 写真 very much so I have it here on my blog too.

This is probably the bell on the front door, I don't really know what it is except it is big and full of Kanji written on it. It looks cool and that's why I took a pic of it.

I took this one of さやか in front of the Pagoda next to the Sensoji temple. They put light on the Pagoda and at night it is really beautiful sight from its 周り。

This candymaker was servicing my order. He was molding an abstraction of 早香 into the picture of a flower and a cherry blossom.

And he had the yellow petal ready.

Here's the complete presentation of his artwork.

Ax and さやか near the exit.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Betapa Kucinta Padamu
by siti nurhaliza

andainya engkau kumiliki
sejak dulu sebelumnya
andai kucurah rasa hati
mungkin kini ku kan tenang di sampingmu

kau membuatku menikmati
kesan kasih sayang kau terpaksa pergi
ingin kuterus dicintai
walau bisikanmu azimat berduri

cintaku yang berbunga
jadi air mata di jariku

betapa kucinta padamu
katakanlah kau cinta padaku
sematkanlah aku di hatimu
walau di mana berada
ingatku dalam doamu

hiasilah hati
dengan cinta suci

betapa kucinta padamu
katakanlah kau cinta padaku
sematkanlah aku di hatimu
walau di mana berada
ingatku dalam doamu

gemerlapkan jiwa
semikanlah cinta
semoga kau dan aku
akhirnya bersama
aku kan menunggu

walaupun seribu tahun lagi


曲:シチー ヌルハリザ